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or is this just fanta sea
9pm: "I'm going to bed now."
10pm: "I'm going to bed now."
11pm: "I'm going to bed now."
12am: "I'm going to bed now."
1am: "I'm going to bed now."
2am: "I'm going to bed now."
3am: "FUCK."
4am: "FUCK."
5am: "OKAY."
Be careful what you wish for.


While you might get the wealth you desire, you never said you did not wish for thousands of bony hands stroking your exposed flesh while you try to sleep.


-googles definition of word I just used to make sure I understood it when I learned it from reading context clues-


Now that I think about it I only see really popular text posts written in English? Do they exist in other languages? Are there a lot of German jokes that I’m missing out on